This is a Subscription service which delivers freshly grown organic Vegetables to your house every 3 days. This turns out to be 10 deliveries in a month.
In Online shopping, you have to buy items every day. In our service, you buy a month ahead and don't have to check up every-time. Every delivery will be planned ahead. This reduces the cost you pay tremendously.
You can select the suitable package from our multiple options by clicking here. These are monthly packages which means you pay once a month which is for the 10 deliveries.
This service ensures that you receive safe and fresh vegetables without having to spend time in unnecessary hassles in the market / Mandi
Currently, we deliver only vegetables. Later on, we'll be adding fruits as well.
These vegetables are procured directly from the local farmers who have partnered with us. There's no middleman which ensures less cost and best quality
Yes, you can! You can select which vegetables to be delivered. But there are some things which are permanently included in the package. Please refer our packages.
We deliver every 3 days. Time of the delivery will be between 8am to 12pm. Your month starts from the day next to the payment date.
We request you to contact us at-lest a week before the delivery date so that we can arrange the request.
You can convey us via phone to cancel a month before the previous subscription ends. You can also skip few deliveries if you won't be available. We'll accommodate them later ahead.

Currently we serve only Pimpri-Chinchwad Area. If you're interested in our services please contact us.